Post-doctoral researcher
전 강 인
stcoom at
Enzymatic production of sphingosine
Enzymatic production of α-hydroxy fatty acids
Master Course
김 상 래
andrew108 at
Development of reporter system to identify highly active fucosyltransferase
Identification and characterization of highly active acyltransferase
Development of gene mutation system using CRISPR-Cas9
한 성 은
fillbuster_hs at
Directed evolution of amylosucrase for the synthesis of biosurfactant
Development of gene mutation system using CRISPR-Cas9
박 성 수
susanq1234 at
Enzymatic production of di-hydroxylated fatty acid
Deep mutational scanning for binding affinity optimization of nanobody
박 민 수
hsooo58 at
Enzymatic lactonization of hydroxy fatty acid
Formation of amide bond using acyltransferase
김 민 하
ann3217 at
Engineering substrate specificity for plant serine decarboxylase using directed evolution
한 승 희
sunlovejerry at
Designing lipase using diffusion model